Region: Snowglade Mountains/The Iron Foothills

NPC Affiliation: Neutral

Fast Travel Available:
Nauru 100g
Drakonfell Prison 93g
Reektall 173g
Telaria 108g
Eastwind 119g
Port Qi'Shen 144g

Built into the Iron Foothills along the southern ridge of the Snowglade Mountains, the dwarven city of Teronkal is the only Valderkal settlement where outsiders are allowed entry. As Atlas descended into a worldwide war, the dwarves vowed that Teronkal would remain a neutral city, and opened its gates to all Atlians, in the hopes of sowing the seeds of peace. Although Teronkal rests squarely within the Vantian Empire’s claim, there is no threat of the Empire raising arms against them. The Valderkal are revered in Vantian society - they believe the dwarves to be descendants of Kaldras, the Vantian God of Earth, sent to Atlas to protect its lands.