Drakonfell Prison

Region: The Drakon Isles

NPC Affiliation: Neutral

Fast Travel Available:
Nauru 100g
Reektall 199g
Teronkal 93g
Telaria 134g
Eastwind 212g
Port Qi'Shen 170g

After the Atherans of the First Era stopped the cultists from summoning a physical manifestation of Arkayos, the God of Chaos, they continued to track down and arrest the dangerous cultists throughout the world. After much deliberation on what to do with them, it was decided that a grand prison would be constructed at the northern edge of the world to house Athera’s most dangerous criminals. A charter was drafted, designating that (no matter the political state of the world) each of the three civilizations would send a delegation to maintain and guard Drakonfell every seven years. Drakonfell is often referred to as "the Prison at the Edge of the World." To date, no one has ever successfully escaped Drakonfell Prison.