The Drakon Isles

NPC Towns: Drakonfell Prison

Official Biome: Snowy Tundra

Growable Trees: Oak

Regional Crops: Wheat, Snowberries, Red Grapes, Apple

Regional Animals: Chicken, Polar Bear

Regional Fish: Drakon Bass, Ice Bream, Arctic Char, Terror of the Deep

Regional Mobs: Frozen Corpse, Frost Spirit

Far above the mainland of Athera, across the frozen North Sea, lies the towering glaciers of The Drakon Isles. Home to Drakonfell Prison, the island is considered to be the most uninhabitable place on Atlas. While no one has ever successfully escaped from Drakonfell, even if someone managed to break out of the fortress, they would no doubt perish along the harsh snowdrifts and icy cliffs of The Drakon Isles.