The Ancient Glade

NPC Towns: Reektall

Official Biome: Swamp

Growable Trees: Oak

Regional Crops: Wheat, Pumpkin, Razzberries, Eggplant, Onion, Apple

Regional Animals: Chicken, Pig

Regional Fish: Glowing Blobfish, Electric Eel, Glade Gar, Ol' Smokey

Regional Mobs: Swamp Ogre, Giant Leech

Though few have actually settled in the swamplands of the Ancient Glade throughout Athera's history, it is revered by both the Purelakers and the Shen. The Purelakers believe that the runoff of the World Tree Kairos has created the unique landscape and fauna, and view the swamps as a holy place. The Shen have long studied the latent magicks of the Ancient Glade, using much of their discoveries in the region to help craft their enchantments.